Monday, June 26, 2006

Two businesses in Quixtar... Really?

This may be a reality check for some people, but the truth is what it is. People have a hard time swallowing the fact that people make money in the education system. Well, I am guessing most of you went to college or some kind of school. When you went to school what did you have to have? I am going out on a limb here, I am going to say books. Or in some cases a special $120 calculator. You had no problem with that. Please note that all the tools in the Quixtar business are OPTIONAL. So with that being said, looks like you all are down on education so my advice is stop going to college. Dont even go to elementary school for that matter. Because someone is getting paid for teaching you things. Why is it when I want to start a business in contracting and I want to take a class on Quick Books its ok to pay the person for the class? Or if I want to learn martial arts, I have to pay for that. Thats not fair.... right? Wrong.

credible... what is credible?

Alot of people get on the web and Google search "Quixtar". I am here to tell you that 99% of the web pages are not credible sources. Type Jeff Gordon in the Google search, one would think he is the anti Christ. If credibility is what you are looking for try say..... the IRS web page or..... the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, actually in fact I think the Better Business Bureau is pretty credible these days. These sites are just opinions, they dont have call back numbers or business names. If you are an IBO in this business be proud of the credibility behind your business, because this kind of stuff fires me up!

But my job

Ok people, I get this sometimes. "But I love driving truck", or "I love teaching" or.... "I love helping others." Lets be honest here ya'll, no one said ounce you become successfull in this business you have to quit doing what you love. The point of this business is to do what you are passionate about. No one ever said you had to quit working. Why not give money to charity if you love helping people. Im guessing because most dont have it. If you are passionate about teaching why not be a teacher and have a few thousand in residual income every month. Last I heard that was ok. Basically, what I am saying here makes sense. If you are still making excuses, you are just looking for reasons to not get more accurate information.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

About me

I just wanted to say something really quick. I want to take a minute and thank the education system that is in place in the Quixtar business. After studying CD's and reading I actually feel my self getting sharper. Now, im not a Diamond or even a platinum in the business but all that I have learned has come from my upline and studying these tools. Because no one comes into this business a professional.
I will never say what team I am apart of or who my upline is, because it doesnt matter. I would like to thank them though for presenting me with an opportunity like this. Coming out of Austin with a dream ya'll know who im talking to! Summer Conference!

failure and success

There is alot of negative on the web about Quixtar and the Alticore company. This is my blog and I want to clear this up. The negative comes from people who signed up in the business, and didnt stay with the standards. They failed completly and never tried to recover. What I mean by that is failure is part of success. People dont get fame and fortune without going through trials and tribulations. Understand that failure comes with success. Complete failure comes when one gives up. I am talking to the newer IBO's in the business or the people that are sceptic and doing their due dilligence on the web before signing up for an IBO ship. (Independent business owner) Here's an example of failure before success: a football player gets 30 carries a game. Out of 30 carries he may only get 1 or 2 yards on 15 or 20 carries, sometimes even negative yards. But once or twice he will succeed in a touchdown. One will fail many times before succeeding greatly in any profession. When you fail and overcome, success is that much sweeter.
Being average is easy, thats why most people are average. The people that are successfull in anything are the ones that are willing to do what others are not to have what others dont. I leave you with this... Why would anyone want to be just average....?

Quixtar, Get some ya'll

Hey guys, I just wanted to bring up a quick point. Why are people always down on Multi Level Business? That's the question of the day. Well, I think its because people don't know what they don't know. Maybe they were in a Mary K business at one time and didn't get the results they aimed for. Not all MLM business are the same so don't confuse your friends Herbalife business with my successful I-commerce business. People need to get information on these business before they judge. In my business we have a leadership roles and tools to help people be successful. There is a 100% chance of success in this business if people stay core and don't deviate from the teaching. Many people have become rich so you know its possible. Just duplicate what the millionaires have done and you can have what they have! Which is passive royal residual income and TIME! Now, is it worth making yourself feel uncomfortable a few times, is it worth not having to get up and go see the boss, (I know ya'll love your boss right?) Is it not worth having all the free time to spend with your family? Think about it, in this business I can walk away from my current job in about a year and a half. Replace your income and do things people like to do. Or if you love your job and your boss you can take the long route which is 55 years of the same thing every day and retire on 1/3 the income you couldn't afford to live on while you were working full time. Its up to you, so before people get down on ML Business, do some research on the business, look at the products, try them, form your own opinion then make a decision. Which do you prefer? 55 years or 2-5 years? If people put as much effort into their ML Business as they do in their jobs making someone else rich we would all be wealthy. People fail in ML Business because they don't take it seriously. That's all I am saying. Fell free to challenge me! I look forward to hearing your argument. Or if I have opened your eyes a little drop me a line to ask questions.